Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All Text Is Created Equal [iPad]

I had a thought yesterday, just one. A thought so grand in its scope and magnitude that it inspired me, nay - demanded of me, to write a semi-serious (read: not scatological) blog post. My thesis in 15 words or less: On the iPad, all text carries the same gravity (or gravitas for the hipsters).

This came up when I did a Google Image search for 'gravitas.' Good enough.

The longer I spend with my iPad, or 'Binky' as I've come to refer to her, the more apparent and meaningful this becomes. An article read from the New York Times for instance, when properly zoomed and occupying the entire screen, looks exactly the same as an article from this blog. Subtle racism and dick jokes aside, of course.

Every site carries with it a certain level of bias. As hard as you may try, you can never completely hide this bias. Slate and Fark, for example, are wildly different in their level of design and professionalism, and this difference may influence how much weight you place on a particular story. On a traditional web experience, you're very aware of where you are. But on the iPad everything except the content simply fades away. Suddenly everything just becomes news. When everything you read looks the same, nothing is more or less important than anything else.

This is why I love my iPad. Plus it's really shiny.

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